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Plant-Powered Supplements and Skincare to support PMS, Perimenopause and Beyond.

New Ayurvedic Skincare

A natural approach to skin health, designed to soothe you during the
menstrual and perimenopausal years.

At Home in your body.
Created to mindfully bring your hormones gently into balance. Our tailored rituals support you during the menstrual and perimenopausal years and ease the most common symptoms, inspiring mind-body harmony to help you feel your best.

Your Daily Ritual

A quiet moment of self-care to start the day, ashaya’s research-backed herbal supplements and botanical oils are crafted to support hormonal health

Customer Testimonials

I can effectively and positively recommend this product and progressively felt that this product assisted in easing my menopausal symptoms, as well as I definitely had more energy. I also found that whilst on the trial, I had minimal bloating and water retention, making me feel a lot more comfortable and happier.

Siobhan M, Verified Consumer

This product has made me a wife and a mum again. I no longer need to  grin and bear through the pain. I would recommend this product to every lady who was sceptical, who wasn't sure of where to get help and who wants to get some natural help. I love it. Thank you so much Ashaya for giving me some of my life back.

Shelley E, Verified Consumer

After taking their supplement for 30 days I can tell you with 100% honesty that I feel so good. For the first time in years, now at 49, I am sleeping well, no more hot flushes and depression has eased substantially…If you too would like a natural supplement to relieve debilitating menopause symptoms I recommend ashaya.

Jodie B, Verified Consumer

I started taking Ashaya 6 weeks ago to support my intense PMS symptoms, including erratic mood swings and heavy cycles. Since taking Ashaya I can notice significant improvements. I have more energy, helping to keep me consistent with exercise and my most recent cycle came out of nowhere. I had no symptoms!!! I truly have not experienced this in years. Whilst it's still early days, the benefits are so significant and I will continue to take Ashaya daily.

Kristy L, Verified Consumer

I LOVE this supplement powder! It has helped me from the day I started taking it. My night sweats/hot flushes have disappeared and my bloating is decreasing as well. I have so much more energy, my moods swings have levelled out and above all I feel like myself again. My husband and friends have even noticed the difference. I highly recommend this powder and I'm so grateful that I've found something natural that works!

Jasmine T, Verified Consumer

This powder is life-changing. I suffer from painful period cramps that have me in bed with a heat pack constantly on, feeling nauseous, altered moods and taking pain relief medication for the duration of my period. Since I started taking this supplement period cramps are completely gone. I didn't think this was possible due to how severe mine usually are. I swear by this product! It has changed how I move through my day whilst on my period, no longer anticipating the monthly pain and shifting my routine. I also love that this product is all-natural, I feel safe knowing I'm nourishing my body and not relying on pain medication anymore. Thank you Ashaya!

Lucy M, Verified Consumer

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